Return of the Secaucus Seven (1979)

Aka: Return of the Secaucus 7


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Drama | 110 minutes

The Secaucus 7 of the film's title are seven friends who, during their college days, were arrested in New Jersey on their way to a protest in Washington. The film takes place ten years after all that, as the friends gather at the home of Mike and Katie, now schoolteachers in New Hampshire, bringing with them old problems and new: Maura has left Jeff and seeks consolation with his best friend, J.T.; J.T., arguably the least successful of the friends, finally gets the courage to move to Los Angeles to start a career as a songwriter; Irene brings her new boyfriend along, hoping he'll like and be liked by her friends...
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and expecting them to challenge him for his more-conservative politics; and more. This is the film that inspired "The Big Chill."
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De Secaucus 7 is een groepje vrienden dat ooit werd gearresteerd toen ze op weg waren naar een vredesbetoging. Tien jaar na die gebeurtenis, besluiten de zeven om elkaar nog eens op te zoeken, en stuk voor stuk vertellen ze hoe het hen de afgelopen tien jaar is vergaan.

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