And the Ship Sails On (1983)
Italian Movie.

Aka: E la nave va


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In July 1914 a luxury cruise ship leaves Italy with the ashes of the famous opera singer Tetua. The boat is filled with her friends, opera singers, actors and all kinds of exotic people. Life is sweet the first days, but on the third day the captain has to save a a large number of Serbian refugees from the sea, refugees who has escaped the first tremors of WWI.

Juli 1914, een luxueus passagiersschip verlaat de kust van Italië met aan boord de as van de overleden operazangeres Tetua. Aan boord van het schip bevinden zich vele van haar vrienden, operazangers, acteurs en andere exotische mensen. Het leven op het schip is de eerste dagen zeer aangenaam, maar de sfeer neemt een radicale wending op het moment dat de kapitein een groep Servische schipbreukelingen opneemt. Schipbreukelingen die de eerste tekenen van de op handen zijnde 1e wereldoorlog ontvluchten.

Fellini takes the viewer on a sea voyage in 1914, complete with a collection of passengers of every description - an Austrian duke, peasant refugees, and members of the cast of an Italian opera company, who are transporting the ashes of a departed friend to her homeland. As it is the eve of WWI, the ship encounters the first war refugees and takes them aboard, thus broadening the classes aboard the vessel. An impressive opening, an unexpected ending and a steady parade of Fellini's trademark set pieces and inconsequential, amusing events color this late work from the director's ouvre.

This evocative look at a 1914 ocean voyage to scatter the ashes of a world-famous opera singer (Janet Suzman) is by turns charming, funny, and bizarre. Among the ship's passengers are aristocrats, politicians, singers, and a rhinoceros. Their episodic interactions form the core of the film, with complications (including a group of refugee Serbs boarding the vessel) carefully orchestrated by screenwriters Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra to highlight the decay of European society prior to World War I. The ship sails on an artificial ocean against an artificial sky, crafted by art director Dante Ferretti in the s...
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tudios of Cinecitta, with a result that is both disconcerting and oddly comforting.
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