Aaina (1993)
Hindi Movie.

Aka: The Mirror

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Aaina is the story of two sisters, Roma (Amrita Singh) and Reema (Juhi Chawla) with very different personalities. However, they fall for the same man, Ravi (Jackie Shroff). Ravi becomes captivated by Roma. Reema becomes heartbroken at the announcement of Ravi and Roma's wedding. Roma, more interested in a modeling career, ditches Ravi on their wedding day. Unexpectedly, Ravi asks for Reema's hand in marriage. However shocked and hurt, Reema agrees. Reema and Ravi start married life under a dark cloud. Just at their marriage starts to become a beautiful reality, Roma comes back into their lives causing nothing but...
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grief. Does Ravi succumb to Roma's seduction. Does Reema learn to stick up for herself? Does love unite Ravi and Reema? All is revealed!!!
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