Shrunken Heads (1994)


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When three N.Y. kids are murdered, the local Hatiian voodoo priest re-animates their shrunken heads to exact revenge. Complications arise between one of the heads and his former girlfriend.

Three kids try to clean up the gangs in their neighborhood only to get killed for their trouble. A voodoo doctor shrinks their heads and brings them back from the dead to become avengers of evil. Yes, Richard Elfman is composer Danny Elfman's twin brother.

An enthusiastically brain-damaged outing from Charles Band's prolific B-Movie outfit Full Moon Entertainment, this cult-move manqué, directed by Oingo Boingo co-founder Richard Elfman (brother of composer Danny Elfman) is weird even by Full Moon's unique standards. The demented plot begins with a modern-day Bowery Boys-type bunch foiling a street gang's robbery scheme only to bring down the wrath of hilariously butch crime boss "Big Mo" (Meg Foster, complete with Elvis pompadour), who commands her chief axe-man to rub them out. Thanks to the voodoo skills of newsstand vendor Sumatra (Julius Harris), the three ...
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boys' severed heads are reanimated (it is never specified why this is all Sumatra could salvage) as tiny airborne mini-zombies with assorted super-powers. This leads to the inevitable blow-out between the Heads and Big Mo's legions, as well as one of the weirdest romantic subplots on record. Initially an abortive bid for midnight-movie infamy (much like the director's Forbidden Zone), this wacko twist on the basic comic-book superhero scenario has a playful nature that distances it from cult-horror territory but gives it a certain kooky charm; it features a main-title theme by the director's big-shot brother.
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Drie door stripboek geobserdeerde kinderen proberen hun helden te evenaren en nemen het op tegen de straatbende van Big Mo (Meg Foster). Ze worden echter zonder pardon neergeschoten. Met behulp van voodoo wekt kioskmedewerker Sumatra de drie hoofden van de kinderen tot leven zodat ze wraak kunnen nemen op degenen die hun levens voortijdig hebben beëindigd.

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