Stay (2005)


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Drama - Mystery - Thriller | 99 minutes
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A thought-provoking and haunting exploration of how reality and dream-states may combine to form complex interactions. The line between the imagination and reality blurs when an accomplished Psychiatrist takes on a patient that appears to be suicidal.

The mood of Stay is stylized, atmospheric, and mind bending. The plot centers around doctors and patients, power relations, and themes of unfulfillment. It is a thriller, drama, and mystery movie. Stylistically, Stay is surreal and involves twists and turns. In approach, it is serious and realistic. The setting is New York. Stay happens in contemporary times. Note that it includes profanity and violent content.

A youthful indiscretion threatens to derail the relationship between an otherwise predictable young woman and her nice-guy fiancé in director Bob Goldthwait's revealing look at the high price of honesty in committed relationships. To the unassuming eye, Amy is a normal young woman with a bright future and a fabulous fiancé, but when Amy's probing husband-to-be suggests that the both parties come clean about their pasts before exchanging rings, the revelation that follows may be more than he's able to handle. Encouraged by her co-worker and mother to speak her peace and put the sexual secret of her past to b...
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ed once and for all, Amy's admission to having once participated in an uncharacteristically impulsive sexual encounter throws her wedding plans into chaos and her entire future into question.
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Henry Letham (Ryan Gosling), een jongeman die levend uit een auto-ongeluk ontsnapt, wordt opgevangen door de psychiater Sam Foster (Ewan McGregor). Zijn trauma begint als een soort van paranoia die hem in staat stelt dingen te voorspellen, zoals zijn eigen dood. Sams vriendin Lila Culpepper (Naomi Watts), die eveneens een zelfmoordpoging ondernam, wil samen met Sam koste wat kost de zelfmoord van Letham vermijden. Maar wil Henry wel geholpen worden?

Marc Forster's psychological thriller Stay stars Ewan McGregor as Sam Foster, a psychologist who begins to feel his grip on reality slipping away because of one of his patients. Ryan Gosling plays Henry Letham, a patient who has been offering disturbing predictions that have come true. When he claims that Henry will kill himself in three days, the psychiatrist sets off on a journey to help him. Written by David Benioff, the film co-stars Naomi Watts.

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