That's What I Am (2011)

Aka: Big Ginger


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Comedy - Drama | 101 minutes

A coming-of-age story set in 1965 that follows 12-year-old Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison), a bright student who, like most kids his age, will do anything to avoid conflict for fear of suffering overwhelming ridicule and punishment from his junior high school peers. Everyone's favorite teacher, Mr. Simon (Ed Harris), pairs Andy with the school's biggest outcast and social pariah, Stanley, aka "Big G" (Alexander Walters), on a critical term project. Sporting thick orange hair, a head too big for his body and ears too big for his head, "Big G" has been the object of ridicule since grade school. Before long, Andy will l...
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earn that there was truly a method behind Mr. Simon's madness as to why he teamed these two up. As the story unfolds, Mr. Simon finds himself the target of a malicious rumor after Principal Kelner (Amy Madigan) suspends a school bully for brutally beating up a female classmate whom he thinks has "cooties." When Andy watches "Big G" fearlessly confront the school bully, a ...
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Set against the backdrop of the mid-sixties, That's What I Am is a coming-of-age story which follows 12-year-old Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison), a bright student whose English teacher, Mr. Simon (Ed Harris), pairs him on a project with the school's biggest outcast and social pariah, Stanley (aka Big Red). When Andy watches Stanley fearlessly confront a school bully, a series of events is unleashed, which changes the lives of both young men – and their teacher – forever.

Molly Parker portrays Andy's mother, Sherri. Daniel Roebuck plays Andy's father, Jim. WWE Superstar Randy Orton portrays Ed Freel, the ...
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father of the bully reprimanded by Simon. When Freel's son spreads a lie about Simon, Ed repeats the accusation and begins a campaign to get Simon fired. Mia Rose Frampton has been cast as Mary Bell, the prettiest girl in the school, who is also known as the preeminent make-out artist of the eighth grade. Amy Madigan plays Principal Kelner, whose decision to suspend a school bully has devastating and unforeseen consequences
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De 12-jarige Andy Nichol is een slimme student die, net als de meeste kinderen van zijn leeftijd, alles zal doen om conflicten te vermijden uit angst voor pestende leeftijdsgenoten op zijn school. Ieders favoriete leraar Simon (Ed Harris) besluit hem samen met het grootste buitenbeentje uit de klas te laten samenwerken voor een belangrijk project. Dat buitenbeentje, beter bekend als 'Big G', heeft oranje haren, een hoofd dat te groot is voor zijn lichaam en oren te groot voor zijn hoofd; het typische voorbeeld van hoe je liever niet wilt zijn. Net als Andy door begint te krijgen waarom hij en Big G zijn samengebr...
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acht, wordt Simon het slachtoffer van een gemene roddel, terwijl Big G wordt geconfronteerd met de pestkop van de school...
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