Hollow Man (2000)

Aka: Invisible


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Action - Sci-Fi - Thriller | 112 minutes
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Elisabeth Shue is Linda Foster, a scientist who is working on a serum to make people invisible. When another scientist tries the serum and becomes invisible his colleagues figure another way to bring him back to the normal world.

A team of scientists is assigned to a secret government research project to experiment with the possibility of invisibility. When they find that one of their formulas works on animals, Dr. Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) violates the rules of the project and tries it on himself. It works: he becomes invisible, but soon after that the team find that the formula is irreversible. He suspects his colleagues, Linda McCay (Elisabeth Shue) and Matt Kensington (Josh Brolin) of sabotaging him: making him invisible forever, and he decides to seek revenge on them.From the director of BASIC INSTINCT and TOTAL RECALL, Paul Verh...
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oeven, comes this new suspense-filled thriller, full of special effects and technical tricks.
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In this sci-fi thriller, a man and a woman must fend off a killer whom they cannot see. Scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) is working with a secret military research team headed by Dr. Kramer (William Devane), assigned to create new intelligence technology. With the help of his colleagues Linda McKay (Elisabeth Shue) and Matt Kensington (Josh Brolin), Sebastian has been developing a serum that makes people invisible. The formula is new and unstable, but after a risky but successful test on an ape, an impatient Sebastian, under pressure from Kramer, decides to try it on himself. It works, but no one counted o...
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n the side effects; unable to reverse the serum's effects, an invisible Sebastian goes insane, and begins pursuing Linda (his former girlfriend) and Matt (Linda's current beau) in a fog of homicidal rage. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, Hollow Man also features Kim Dickens, Mary Randle, Joey Slotnick, and Greg Grunberg.
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Sebastian Caine, de ingenieuze leider van een team wetenschappers, wil een middel om onzichtbaar te worden, beslist op zichzelf testen en hij wordt inderdaad onzichtbaar. Dan blijkt het tegenmiddel om hem weer zichtbaar te maken niet te werken en zit hij gevangen in zijn onzichtbare lichaam. Terwijl zijn collega's hard op zoek gaan naar het juiste tegenmiddel, ontdekt Caine de ongekende macht die hij nu heeft. Langzaam maar zeker verandert hij in een monster dat een vijand wordt voor alles en iedereen.

Critic Consensus :Despite awesome special effects, Hollow Man falls short of other films directed by Paul Verhoeven. This flick over time degenerates into a typical horror film.

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