Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard (2009)

Aka: Arthur and the Great Adventure


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Arthur did as a boy what only grandpa, a fellow nature buff, did as an adult: pass, as white man, the Bogo tribe's tests of harmony with the natural worlds of trees, minerals and animals. To answer a mysterious call fro help from the Mimimoy people, he enters their world miniaturized. By the time he works out with friends it was a trick, the mastermind has already escaped, ready to strike in our world.

In the 1960s, 13-year-old Arthur stays with his grandparents in the holidays. He is befriended with a Maasai-like tribe called the Bogo Matassalai and with the Minimoys, tooth-sized, elfin beings, who all live there in the garden. The Bogo Matassalai grant Arthur a distinction regarding being one with nature, after succeeding in a series of tests, such as hugging a tree for hours, sleeping with a wild animal, and eating grass.
The Bogo Matassalai are capable of transforming a person to a Minimoy. It is only possible every tenth full moon, at midnight. Arthur is about to undergo this procedure, to visit the Mi...
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nimoys (who are expecting him and preparing a party for him), and especially his beloved Selenia. A spider delivers to Arthur a grain of rice with the message "help", which must come from the Minimoys, and makes it even more important for him to visit them...
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Arthur is uitzinnig van vreugde: vandaag is het einde van de tiende Maancyclus en hij zal eindelijk de wereld van de Minimoys kunnen toetreden om Sélénia te vinden. Maar uitgerekend deze dag heeft zijn vader uitgekozen om Arthur eens te laten stoppen met zijn reizen en naar zijn oma te sturen. Op de dag van zijn vertrek naar oma ontvangt Arthur van een spin een SOS-bericht van de Minimoys: Sélénia is in gevaar! Arthur twijfelt niet lang om te hulp te schieten, ook al betekent dat zijn leven riskeren tegen de beruchte Maltazard.

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