(DMCA) Content Removal:

We would like you to know we do not host any copyrighted material Not even NZB nor Torrent files.

We are an Usenet information search engine archive without providing the possibility to create or download NZB files.
Our indexer indexes Usenet search engines automatically without human intervention.
If you find objectionable material on this site this means there is objectionable material on Usenet ,since we are an automated information indexer.

Please go to the appropriate channels to remove content on Usenet :

- Usenet Providers : Holding the actual data. No data = No information.
- Usenet Search Engines : Our information is based on search engines providing nzb files. No information = No listing on nzbmovieseeker.com

We are currently indexing information from the following Usenet search engines : binsearch.info , nzbindex.nl and mysterbin.com

If after content removal from Usenet/Search engines you still find the content information on nzbmovieseeker.com then let us know and we will remove the specific search fragment .

The previous procedure will be performed if:

- Send your Claim to copyright@nzbmovieseeker.com
- The Claim must be written in English language, it must be understandable and in polite form;
- The Claim must be sent from a company mail, Claims sent from free service emails like AOL, Yahoo Gmail, etc. will be rejected;
- You must present an evidence that shows that you are the copyright holder or that you are acting on behalf of the copyright holder;
- You must present an evidence that shows that the content is legally copyrighted and that you are the copyright holder;
- The materials that need to be removed must be provided in form of material name and links to direct nzb search engine pages. We don't accept links to search queries, categories or subcategories or movie information pages.
-Provide sufficient contact information with a valid email address.

Notice: It can take up to 48 hours to process your request.

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